The Collaborative Alternative

TitleConnect is a strategic alliance and partnership platform for title agents. It follows a cooperative format and enables title company practitioners to retain their independence and continue to compete in today’s climate, ripe with evolving regulatory and technology challenges. Some noted benefits of the alliance include compliance assistance and support for ALTA Best Practices preparation, centralized IT support, HR administration and accounting, and access to title and escrow licensing in more than 40 states.
Greater Coverage and Streamline Services
The TitleConnect alliance has created one of the largest title platforms in the DC metro area. With 18 offices spread across Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC, the collaborative companies can better service their clients by utilizing any closing location within the TitleConnect network. Additionally, the alliance allows for the opportunity to provide other streamlined services for both residential and commercial transactions. The focus continues to be on delivering the highest level of customer services and title expertise to lenders, real estate agents, builders, developers and consumers.
The Future is Now
Three of the largest title agencies in the DC Metro Area have aligned to create a platform that allows agents to find the solutions they need to allow them to grow and enjoy their businesses for many years to come. We are continuing to welcome inquiries to join the companies working together to create the future.